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Peter Salzano About

Peter Salzano is a professional voice over artist with over 20 years of experience in radio, TV commercials, documentary narration, and promotional advertisements.

He is a versatile voice-over talent known for his friendly personality and works to build positive, collaborative relationships with his customers. Benevolent by nature, driven by an unquenchable fire to perform and ideate, Peter pursues excellence in the voice arts and is a master in his field.

His journey with voice acting began when he was 15 years old. Coming from a multilingual family, he pretty much inherited two languages (Spanish & French) from his parents and learned English at school. This was an advantage as he learned the differences, nuance, tone, and emotions that are unique to every language. Besides that, he has been gifted with a natural radio voice.

Peter’s clients trust his exceptional ability to bring honest humanity to every character he voices.

Peter quotes, “Emulating sports commentators and movie actors throughout my teen years served me well in his quest to become a professional voice actor.”

If you are in California and looking for a voiceover artist, actor, or voice talent pick Peter. He owns his own company in California and does narrations and voiceovers for business clients.

Through the blog section of his website, he encourages amateur Voice-Over artists with inspiration. Follow his blog to know more about him.

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