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These are the top three tips of the aspiring voice actors that they must master before going for an audition. These are the basic requirements as a voice actor, so focusing on them from the beginning of your career as a voice actor is what professionals like Peter Salzano advise.
Peter Salzano - Voice Artist

Peter Salzano

Welcome to the official webpage of the illustrious voice actor, Peter Salzano. Resourceful and meticulous are the best adjectives to describe the personality of this incredible talent.

After graduating in Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania, Peter Salzano worked for various radio and television stations. This gave him all the experience he needed to excel at voice acting.

With an experience of 20 years behind a microphone, voicing tens of thousands of scripts for numerous clients, his customers have come to know Peter as a dynamic and versatile voice over talent.

Peter Salzano - voice actor

Soon he was approached by famous TV producers and radio networks to narrate their shows. With an experience of 20 years behind a microphone. Peter believes that as a professional voice over artist, his mission is to inspire people by telling stories in an effective and powerful manner.

He uses her warm and friendly voiceover style from corporate narrations to tv and radio. Peter has an exceptional range and versatility who takes suggestions and guidance like a true professional. 

He has a phenomenal way of delivering her work with the right and appropriate pauses. Whatever your project is, if you need a voice Peter can do it. He listens to your requirement first and delivers his graceful, professional, and reliable service.

He also offers consultation and coaching to aspiring voice actors. Apart from that, he loves meeting with people and exploring new places & cultures. 

On this website, you’ll find resources for Peter Salzano’s work. Follow Peter to follow his work, special offers, and discounts.

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